Can Hemorrhoids Feel Like Worms?

A common question asked is on the feeling of hemorrhoids / hemroids, one such question asked recently was is Can Hemorrhoids Feel like Worms? The short answer is that they can, however there a few short tips below revealing ways to be sure that you may not have another issue such as Pin Worms or Candida instead.

These feelings can often be confused with each other.

Worms or Hemorrhoids Checklist

  1. First of all when you feel the itching, what time does it occur, if it only occurs at night then that can indicate it may be worms and not your Hemorrhoids that are causing the issue.

  2. If the itchiness only happens or mainly happens after passing a stool then that indicates more so that it is Hemorrhoids rather than worms but could also be Candida then.
  3. Candida can cause itchiness around the anal area and can be prevented by eating less yeast and no sugar.
  4. If it only tends to happen at night then using a flash light in the dark to see the anal area may reveal worms if it is worms. To do wait in the dark then quickly flash the anal area and see if there is any sign of small worms. If so then anti worm medicine is needed to remedy.
  5. Another option to try is a natural Hemorrhoid cream to see if it stops the itchiness, one recommended by us is H-Hemorrhoids. If the creams helps, then that is a good indicator that the worm sensation is Hemorrhoids and not not worms.

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